Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Journey Begins.....

Alas I find myself on this journey, destination unknown. Does anyone really know where they are heading? Each day more or less the same as the last. A few steps up, then life takes you back down a few. Remember the baby steps you took? How excited everyone was around you, then you touch and grab everything in reach, embracing life and the beauty it brings you. Remember the little things that made you smile and then the tears that followed when you were upset? Do you ever take a moment in your life and remember your memories of growing up?

The adventure awaits you, each day bringing you closer to your end! Ask yourself how you will fill the in-between, how you will take your life and make a difference. How you will give before you take. How you will love and cherish the ones around you, all around you. It's the little things that you do that will make the difference in your life. You will be loved, I promise you. You will be remembered I promise you this also. So take that moment and remember your innocence before you look in the mirror and see yourself old and frail.Something to think about that you haven't thought of as often as you need to. Remember the good you did in your life. Make each and every moment count so when the time comes you can say.

"I lived my life to the best of my ability and I continue to live on in the memories of the hearts I touched."