Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hallowed Ground (Synopsis)

My story takes you back in time to the Highlands of Scotland around the late 11th Century. It was a time when Scotland was ruled and governed by a ruthless King, King Edward the First of England. He was a vengeful king and showed no mercy for life. Those that knew him and stood with him did not stand in his way or argue with him, and those that only heard of his fury feared him. Then there were the brave hearts that stood up and rebelled and challenged him in hope to free Scotland and her people from his tyranny.
The people of Scotland were at their breaking point and enough was enough, they had taken all they could bear and war between Scotland and England was imminent.
In another world parallel to ours there was another war about to break between father and son, and the two worlds were about to collide. Up until now his existence had been covered up by man. In all the scriptures, holy books, tablets throughout time that have ever been written, his existence had not been known to man until now.
“Fear not our creator, fear not the angel that damned heaven and formed hell, Lucifer. Fear what was created after the battles of heaven and hell. Fear the demon that rose from the shadows of destruction. Fear the vampire that rose from hallowed ground covered in the blood of Innocence.”
“My name is Sebastian MacDowell I was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland, in a town called Doune. It was a time when the English ruled our lands. I grew up with my younger sister who I loved with all of my heart. Times were hard and food was hard to come by, the English showed no mercy to our people. My father taught me to hunt as a young man, and told me that I could be anything that I wanted to be all I had to do was believe and put my mind to it. He taught me to never give up on my hopes and dreams.  My mother she loved me dearly and always protected me from harm’s way, she taught me the good from bad, and how to be an honest man. She told me if I ever felt hatred in my heart to cast it away and replace it with love. We were a complete circle and had a bond between us that could not be broken. My father was a brilliant man. He worked hard and made sure there was always food on the table and clothes on our back. His work would take him away from us for endless days and endless nights. One day he did not return. He was murdered his body never recovered. His responsibility was now mine and I had to provide for my family. I had to become the man.”
Heartbroken and full of grief Sebastian finds a sense of peace in the one place his father would take him as he was growing up, they would spend days hunting in the woods, fishing along the river. It was a place where they could be just father and son. It was there Sebastian’s life would change forever. It was just  a mere coincidence, a chance call it his destiny that brought them together and he knew from that single moment when he gazed into her eyes, that she was the one his heart belonged to. She was his forever and he was hers for eternity. He fell in love with an English rose, a Princess. It was a love that would never be allowed between the two countries, a love that would never be allowed by the King, when all he had was hatred for the Scottish people. This hatred and fear just brought Sebastian and Kathryn that much closer, and their love grew stronger with every breath they took. They eventually wed in secrecy and bound their love for each other.  It wasn’t long after they wed that Kathryn’s father, King of England got word of their courtship. Immediately he ordered his men to loot and kill everyone in Sebastian’s home town be it man, woman or child and bring Sebastian back to him alive.
They beat him senseless until he had forgotten the life he led. He lay there on the cold ground dying. He could barely breathe as his lungs filled with blood. His heart beating one beat at a time, steadily slowing down. The love in his heart remained for the ones that truly loved him and the ones he loved. His soul would not let go of his life as he lay there dying. The strength of his love was felt by the one we call immortal, the beast, Vampire. He sensed the strength and the love in Sebastian’s heart and lifted him up off the ground into his arms. He too was dying, his immortality taken by his own blood, his son Gabriel.
He held Sebastian in his arms and offered him a second chance to live his life, offered him immortality. In return he would promise to save his world and mankind from the wrath of his son Gabriel, as neither world could survive without the other, he had to keep the vampire’s identity a secret. He told him his journey would be long and painful and there will be times he wished he was dead, there will be hatred in his heart for the ones that stole his life. He promised him that one day he would find his way back to the one he loved.
That night Sebastian died as a mortal and he left his life behind, left his memories behind and became one with the beast, he became a vampire. Sworn to a life of darkness he would journey through the perils of time. He would seek vengeance for the ones that took his life, and keep his word to the one that gave him life. He had to learn the way of the vampire, and take the life of the one’s that were once his kind. It was the only way he could survive.
As his strength grew his memories slowly returned from the life he lived as a mortal. Memories of his love Kathryn, and how they took his life away from him. How the ruthless King destroyed everything he loved. That night his heart cried for vengeance and the anger fueled a fury in his soul. He would not rest until his vengeance was sought and the love of his life was back in his arms.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hallowed Ground

Weird how the years pass and your birth date comes to greet you adding yet another year to your collection. Do you wonder what you have achieved in your life and what you still have to attain? Well for the past couple of years I followed my heart and began to write. A story that had been locked in my mind for countless years. I can't remember exactly how many.

As I sit here today and just a couple of hours has passed my day of birth. I can share with you that my story has begun and it has from my mind traveled to paper. I have completed book one and two and working on the third. Editing my first whcih will soon be completed. Hallowed Grounds....more to come!!! I will be posting the synopsis soon...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Journey Begins.....

Alas I find myself on this journey, destination unknown. Does anyone really know where they are heading? Each day more or less the same as the last. A few steps up, then life takes you back down a few. Remember the baby steps you took? How excited everyone was around you, then you touch and grab everything in reach, embracing life and the beauty it brings you. Remember the little things that made you smile and then the tears that followed when you were upset? Do you ever take a moment in your life and remember your memories of growing up?

The adventure awaits you, each day bringing you closer to your end! Ask yourself how you will fill the in-between, how you will take your life and make a difference. How you will give before you take. How you will love and cherish the ones around you, all around you. It's the little things that you do that will make the difference in your life. You will be loved, I promise you. You will be remembered I promise you this also. So take that moment and remember your innocence before you look in the mirror and see yourself old and frail.Something to think about that you haven't thought of as often as you need to. Remember the good you did in your life. Make each and every moment count so when the time comes you can say.

"I lived my life to the best of my ability and I continue to live on in the memories of the hearts I touched."